Minutes of the Annual General Body Meeting of IADVL
Maharashtra Branch on 31st December 2017
Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre Powai Mumbai

The President Dr.Rashmikant Shah called the meeting to order and the Hon. Secretary Dr. K. E. Mukadam started the proceedings.

  1. Confirmation of minutes of AGBM 2016: Dr. Mukadam said the minutes of the AGBM 2016 held at Hotel Rangsharda, Bandra (W), were already circulated to all the members and queries had been asked for up to 15th December 2017. No queries were received. The minutes were read out and then passed by AGBM unanimously. Proposed by: Dr R G Torsekar, Seconded by: Dr Vinay Saraf
  2. Lifetime achievement awards were conferred upon Dr. D. G. Saple and Dr. Bapu Ghodake. Dr Ashok Shah introduces and welcomed Dr. D. G. Saple on the stage and award was conferred by the President, Dr. Rashmikant Shah. After the brief speech by Dr. D. G. Saple, Dr. Mukadam called upon Dr. Sunil Vertak to introduce and welcome Dr. Bapu Ghodake on stage. Dr. Rashmikant Shah conferred the award and there was also a brief speech by Dr. Bapu Ghodake.
  3. Election to the post of Junior Vice President: Dr. Mukadam announced that for the post of Junior Vice President, two applications had been received from Dr. Ameet Valia and Dr. Sharad Mutalik. Dr. Ameet Valia had graciously dianabol pillen withdrawn his application in the greater spirit of IADVL Maharashtra, and thus the need for an election to the same post did not arise. Dr Sharad Mutalik was declared elected unopposed to the post of Junior Vice President. The present
    Junior Vice President Dr Kiran Godse, was announced to be the Senior Vice President and the present Senior Vice President Dr Vikrant Saoji as the President of IADVL Maharashtra branch. Which was unanimously approved by the AGBM. Proposed by: Dr Manish Gautam, Seconded by: Dr Rizwan Haq.
  4. Appointments of new managing committee members were then announced. The old managing committee members who would not be continuing in 2018 were,Dr. Ashish Deshmukh, Dr. Ganesh Dhavalshankh, Dr. Meghana Phiske, Dr. Prahlad Rathod, Dr. Prashant Palawade, Dr. Priyal Gala and Dr. Vaishali Nahata. He announced that the applications for new managing committee members had been received from Dr. Dipti Desai from Mumbai and Dr. Vinayashree Mene-Valiwade from Kolhapur. These members were accepted by the AGBM and they were inducted into the Managing committee.
  5. Dr. Mukadam then presented the Hon. Secretary’s Annual Report including the activities report of all the chapters, academic activities; community activities including anti Leprosy fortnight, Vitiligo Day and Psoriasis Day and the various SIG activities, held through the year.
  6. Accounts 2016 – 2017: Dr. Mukadam presented and read out the annual audited accounts 2016 – 2017, which were already circulated to the members and queries for the same were asked to send to the Hon Secretary on or before 15th of December 2017. No queries were received. The accounts were passed unanimously by the AGBM. Proposed by: Dr Ashok Shah Seconded by: Dr Shashikant Gwalia
  7. Dr. Mukadam announced that the quotation for the accountant and auditor for IADVL Maharashtra 2017 – 2018 have been received from Mr. Alpesh (Rs. 9000/- per month) and Mr.Lalka (Rs. 55000/- annually).Their appointments for the forthcoming year was unanimously passed by the AGBM. Proposed by: Dr Jitu Gandhi. Seconded by: Dr Kiran Nabar
  8. Proposal for the new office premises of IADVL Maharashtra: Dr. Mukadam enumerated the various reasons for urgently acquiring office premises. Most important were, to have permanent office address and to keep the records of the association as per the requirements of the Charity Commissioner, Income tax and GST authorities. Mr Lalka informed the house that investing Rs one Crore in acquiring office premises for the association was necessary, otherwise, IADVL Maharashtra Branch has to pay income Tax of of Rs. 35 lacs.
  9. Dr Mukadam further announced that for the office premises of IADVL Maharashtra, the committee appointed by the last AGBM consisting of Dr. Vinay Saraf and Dr. Vibhavari Nigale, Dr Rashmi Shah, Dr Shital Poojary have identified certain premises. Rs. 1 crore towards procurement of the selected premises was sanctioned by the AGBM. Proposed by: Dr. P. Joshi Patodekar, Seconded by: Dr Shashikant Gwalia
  10. Dr. Mukadam announced that the draft of the revised constitution of IADVL Maharashtra had already been circulated to the members and queries were asked for up to 15th of December 2017. No queries had been received. He mentioned that the constitution committee had undertaken a lot of efforts to bring about the draft. The committee consisted of Dr. Ameet Valia, Dr. Vibhavari Nigale, Dr. Uday Khopkar, Dr. Subodh Sirur, Dr. Shital Poojary and Dr. K. E. Mukadam. The draft constitution was approved by AGBM, later on, it is to be forwarded to the EC IADVL for the final approval. Dr. Mukadam requested the AGBM to sanction the sum of Rs one lakh as the professional fees of CA Arvind Singh and Advocate Yogesh Singh for drafting of constitution and handling various issues pertaining to the Charity Commissioner’s Office. This was approved by the AGBM unanimously. Proposed by: Dr Vibhavari Nigale, Seconded by: Dr Shital Poojary
  11. Dr. Mukadam announced that IADVL Maharashtra had received a proposal to invite applications for various orations and lifetime achievement awards to be held at CUTICON Maharashtra. The criteria of the various orations and awards should be decided by a committee and should be on similar lines as that at DERMACON and also to select the member for lifetime achievement award as per the criteria approved in the last AGBM. He requested the AGBM to sanction the formation of this committee by the Managing committee of IADVL Maharashtra.
  12. Dr. Mukadam announced that the Pimpri – Chinchwad chapter had sent in an application with more than 25 signatories to approve their status as a separate chapter in IADVL Maharashtra. The proposal has been accepted by the Managing committee. The AGBM approved it unanimously with Dr. Suhas Mathe as the President.
  13. Members of the CUTICON 2017 Managing Committee and all the volunteers for the conference were then felicitated by the president Dr Rashmikant Shah. Representatives from all supporting Pharmaceutical Companies were then felicitated for their continued support and patronage to the Maharashtra IADVL, following people were also felicitated: Mr. Sachin, for the installation of exhibition stalls and audio-visual technical support, Mr. Navin and Mr Alwin of Hotel Ramada Inn Powai and Convention Centre for the entire venue arrangements, Mr. Alpesh for Accounts and Mr. Lalka for Auditing IADVL accounts. Dr. Rashmikant Shah, as the outgoing President, was felicitated by the incoming President, other members of managing Committee and the past presidents present on the floor of the house. This was followed by the Outgoing President Dr. Rashmikant Shah’s address. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all his teachers, friends and colleagues to have helped and guided him through the decade of his services to IADVL Maharashtra. He spoke at length of various meetings, CME’s and Conferences held through the year. He thanked Hon Secretary, all members of the Executive Committee and members of the Managing Committee for their dedication, support and cooperation during his entire successful tenure.
  14. Dr.Vikrant Saoji took over as President of IADVL Maharashtra branch from Dr. Rashmikant Shah. He expressed his thanks to all his teachers, colleagues and friends at Nagpur and all over Maharashtra who have helped mould him, and have been always supporting him in his professional journey. He reiterated to continue good work started by his preceders. He urged all the members of the chapters of IADVL Maharashtra to participate actively in the activities being conducted throughout the year. He also earnestly requested to become member of IADVL Social Welfare Schemes
  15. As new President will be taking over it was decided to change the signatory of the Corporation Bank account, from Dr. Rashmikant Shah (Outgoing President) to Dr. Vikrant Saoji (Incoming President). Signatures of Dr. Khalil E. Mukadam (Hon. Secretary) and Dr.Prashant Jadhav (Treasurer) will continue unchanged.

The meeting was closed with thanks to the members.

With Warm Regards,

Dr. K. E. Mukadam,
Hon. Secretary, IADVL Maharashtra State Branch

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